‘We Will Never Change the World by Going to Church.

We Will Only Change the World by Being the Church.’

~ Bianca Olthoff

Nestled in a fictional place and home to a duo of felines and their friends, including a posse of dogs, a gaggle of hens, and others of the fur and feathered sort – there have been many tales to tell from the 12th scale town of Merryworth since the world was invited to step inside St M’s Parish Church some time ago.

And THOSE tales are FAR from over!

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Put the Kettle On? It’s Tee Time!

Welcome. Salut. Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welkom!

My name is Tee Bylo and I am a storyteller and miniaturist creating ‘Small Worlds’.

I am also a professional genealogist and grave hunter but THAT is for another tale!

Although I have been creating worlds in 12th scale for many years now – my passion to design a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and as challenging as it ever was.

And with the expansion of my property empire and with more than a little error AND trial – I have learnt new skills and can now distress and kit bash with aplomb, along with my unique techniques for painting and some rather unconventional applications with woodwork.

However, with a myriad of those ‘Small Worlds’ now in private collections, my latest miniature creations have included Number 13 Piccadilly, a Regency abode inspired by the life of the fabulous poet Lord Byron and the All Hallows Hamlet, a collection of fantastical weird and wonderful emporiums and abodes populated by the folk of myth and legend AND where the weird and fabulous collide.

To Merryworth Town.

And, in 2010, I began the creation of one of my favourite ‘Small Worlds’ known as St M’s Parish Church which is nestled in the fictional village of Merryworth.

As I was forever dreaming up new ideas for festivals and celebrations – life was far from tranquil within the walls of this small parish; particularly with the arrival of THOSE Merryworth Mice in 2017!

AND who can forget the adventures of one Little Big Cat?

The Adventure Continues…

Although I have taken the decision to close the church doors of my beloved St M’s and to give those mice a well-earned rest for now – a new church AND the promise of another adventure awaits!

And as I have no doubt that those two Little Big Cats and their friends of the fur and feathered variety will make an appearance – will you join us?

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A Return To Merryworth…

Creating Merryworth…

With a fascination for ALL church architecture and ecclesiastical history – my present 12th scale venture now includes the ambitious design for yet ANOTHER church with a quaint chancel and chunky bell tower, all dressed in old stonework with fierce looking gargoyles and moss in the turrets.

AND there should be a small garden with crooked gravestones and the odd gnarly tree to be discovered too!

As Merryworth is also home to a duo of felines, a posse of dogs and a gaggle of hens, including others of the fur and feathered sort – the tales of their musings, ministry and mishaps WILL continue.

Although I should add that I’m usually the one attending to most of the work including the designing, creating, researching, blogging AND the cleaning up!

The News from the Pews.

Take Me To Church?

From my earliest memories, I have loved exploring our local churches and churches – the opportunity to recreate this world in 12th scale has been impossible to resist!

That’s SO Tee Bylo!

My present 12th scale ventures include the ambitious design for yet ANOTHER church with a quaint chancel and chunky bell tower, all dressed in old stonework with fierce looking gargoyles.

Between Worlds?

As a child I loved to shock others with the tale that I had been abandoned at birth by gypsies and raised en famille with kindly mice in the crypt of an old church. Alas! The truth is altogether more unremarkable!

#LittleBigChapel #Merryworth #littlebigcat

Join Tee for Tea?

Although I love what I do – it is impossible to survive on fresh air with only a diet of hope and the occasional box of donated teabags and YOUR interest, support AND encouragement makes everything I create worthwhile.

Why not cross the portal on the creators go-to Ko-fi and step into my world here at Merryworth and enjoy some unique rewards including first peeks at my work and exclusive images?

And as every penny I earn keeps me happily supplied with glue, paint, wood, polymer clay, tools, fabric and all the other lovely stuff I use to create Merryworth Chapel – every lovely human who believes in my work makes me VERY happy too!

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Dramatis Personae

‘Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.’

~ Robert A. Heinlein

Welcome to the extraordinary tales of two 12th scale felines and their friends, including a posse of dogs, a gaggle of hens, and others of the fur and feathered sort who ALL call Merryworth their home!

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The Guest Book

“A church who ‘Goes Forth’ is a church whose doors are open.”

~ Pope Francis

Dear Miniature Maniac or Savant of the Small – Thank YOU for your interest in the 12th scale world of Merryworth and one Little Big Cat and friends.

Any comments to share? Or questions to ask? We would love to hear from you!