That’s SO Tee Bylo!

Once Upon a Time and in a Land Not Too Far Away

And as a fair maiden was foraging through the shelves of her local supermarket on the lookout for something to ‘throw together for a family supper’ she picked up a copy of Dolls’ House Magazine in the hope that a ‘quick read’ would lighten the monotony of all the horrible housework still patiently waiting for her at home.

Hours later and with the housework unfinished and the promise of a cold supper for her poor starving family, the fair maiden realised that she had been left captivated by the wonder of the discoveries that she had made between the pages of this magazine.

And ever since that fateful day, she have been creating her ‘Small Worlds’ and although her passion to design a miniature world remains just as intoxicating and as challenging as ever was; the fair maiden is the first to admit that it has left her a lot lighter in pocket and with her children barefoot and the pantry empty of chocolate biscuits.

Welcome. Salut. Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welkom!

However, before you read on – I would like it known that even though my children have now flown the nest; they are STILL speaking to me despite this passion for creating anything and everything in 12th scale!

With a myriad of those ‘Small Worlds’ now in private collections and with a fascination for ALL church architecture and ecclesiastical history – my present 12th scale ventures include the ambitious design for yet ANOTHER church with a quaint chancel and chunky bell tower, all dressed in old stonework with fierce looking gargoyles and moss in the turrets.

AND there should be a small garden with crooked gravestones and the odd gnarly tree too!

Getting messy with scrap wood and glue

Self-taught and armed with imagination, plaster, strip wood, paints, mountboard, papier-mâché, natural foliage, and glue – I design my ‘Small Worlds’ using whatever is around me at the time including scrap MDF, cardboard boxes, model kits, a huge plant pot, a tatty dolls house, some chicken wire, a tree stump and even a grotty, old waste bin.

And Playing with The clay!

And as my home town of the City of York is arguably one of Europe’s most haunted cities and with my imagination captured by the evocative idea of restless spirits in abandoned graveyards – I also remain smitten with the joys of sculpting ghostly figures in clay.

I have been known to joke that I need to live at least another 250 years to create my dream projects into 12th scale reality.

However, as Lewis Carroll once famously said that “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – I’m off to arm myself with those tools once more!